Opening the Doors of American Courts

Two crises are facing the American legal system. The most urgent are budget cuts to state courts that have impaired their ability to provide timely justice for their citizens. For some, the most important crisis is the erosion of credibility of state judges whose appearance of impartiality is undermined by attack advertising in state judicial elections. While ACI takes no position on whether judges should be elected or appointed, it believes both of these crises are being exacerbated by the failure of federal courts to take jurisdiction of diversity cases assigned to them by the Constitution.

This approach to federal jurisdiction has helped fuel the litigation explosion of the last fifty years, contributing to the imposition of billions of dollars of costs on American consumers, the loss of hundreds of thousands of American jobs, reduced foreign investment, increased medical costs, and fewer potentially lifesaving medical products being made available to patients.

The mission of ACI is to increase the number of diversity cases removable to federal court and encourage Congress to finish the work it started when it passed the Class Action Fairness Act and provide a neutral forum in the kinds of cases specified in Article III of the Constitution.


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